NXT socket breadboard adapter

For a while now, I have been looking for an NXT -> breadboard solution. There were no such products that I could find on the market, so a few months ago I cut a 35cm cable in half, and soldered small perfboards and headers to each end. They have worked well, but the length is fixed at about 16cm, and they are inconvenient to use.

About a month ago I suggested to mindsensors that they design and sell a breakout for their NXT compatible socket, and about a week ago, they started selling them. Deepak sent me three of them for free 🙂 I love the quality and precision of these. The silkscreen labels are also great. Here are some pictures.

Here is a picture without the included header. You can use any .1″ pitch header (such as right angle and/or female).

Complete, with the included header.

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5 Responses to NXT socket breadboard adapter

  1. DiMastero says:

    how ’bout the HiTechnic Experimenter’s kit? that comes with NXT – breadboard connection, except you’ve got I2C stuff in between.

  2. DiMastero says:

    ohh :/ fail… I already thought it looked familiar somehow :). sorry 🙂

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