Mindsensors OpenElectrons NXShield-M

The NXShield-M is an Arduino shield for the Arduino Mega or the new Teemino (Arduino Mega with a USB host Android interface). It’s an interface for the Arduino (and Android phone if you are using the Teemino) to communicate with NXT sensors, and control NXT motors. The “NXShield-M” has 4 NXT motor ports, as well as 4 NXT sensor ports. In addition to the NXT devices interfaces, it has a lot of IO’s that are broken out into headers on the board. 12 of them are for servos (standard RC style servos), and 11-12 are analog inputs (ADCs). Notice that the ~30 Arduino IOs that don’t plug in to the shield are still accessible. On board, the NXShield-M has a reset button for the Arduino, three buttons that are accessible through user-code, and a RGB LED (I think each color is 8-bit PWM controllable).

Deepak from mindsensors/OpenElectrons sent me one of the NXShield-M devices for me to test and experiment with. Here are several pictures of it. The Arduino pictured is an Arduino Mega 2560.

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