dIMU NXT Segway

Here is a robot I built to demonstrate the dIMU, and what it can be used for. The Segway can be remote controlled through the use of the HiTechnic IR Receiver, and the PF remote. Both the software and the hardware are based on the HTWay.

I modified the HTWay NXC program so that it works with the dIMU, but besides getting it to work, I didn’t do very much tuning of the konstants (so there should be a lot of room for improvement in balancing and driving).

Update 10/23/2011: I posted the NXC program.

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17 Responses to dIMU NXT Segway

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  2. SavedCoder says:

    Why did you spell constants with a k?

    • mattallen37 says:

      When programming, often people declare constants as preprocessors. For example “#define Kp 7.5”, and for some reason unknown to me, K is the typical letter to use for a constant’s name. In the example of Kp, that would be short for “Constant Proportional” (a term used in a P, PD, or PID controller).

      Me spelling it with a k was an indication as to the type of tuning I could do to the robot program. As far as I have seen, usually a term named starting with a k is a term that will be multiplied by to get just the right control you want. The segway program makes use of several k terms, and they are to adjust how the different variables have an effect on the motor speed (to keep the robot balanced, and driving). Just changing one of the “k”onstants could drastically change the balance of the segway.

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  6. hergipotter says:

    Did you actually use the acceleration data or only the gyro data?

  7. sikko says:

    i have the dimu to and i have build a segway but i dont know how to program it.. i can only program in nxt-g and i cant find anywhere how to make a segway program there i have tried to modifi the Ht-way program but it didint work. Can you send my the program you use, i know it is in nxc but than i can still let my segway work.

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