Hi, my name is Matt. I enjoy engineering mechanics (namely with the Lego Technic system) and electronics, so naturally I mix them and make robots. I started my never-ending need to program, with the Lego RCX system, and have since moved over to the Lego NXT system. I primarily program in NXC for NXT, but I also do some with ROBOTC, and I can program in NXT-G as well. For the RCX, I mostly use NQC. I enjoy mixing my electronic circuits into my lego robots. Now I also use PICAXE as a smart sensor interface for the NXT, and have recently started using Arduino a lot. When the Arduino is used in conjunction with the NXT, it becomes an extremely powerful IO expander, and I have been enjoying taking advantage of that.

I have been playing with Lego’s now since the mid 90’s, so almost my whole life. My first technic set was #8464. Ever after buying that set, my pocket has been infected by the Lego disease. I got my first RCX in early dec. 2006, and have never stopped adding to my mindstorms collection.

I started messing with analog and logic electronics when I was about 10 years old. My Uncle and my RadioShack lab have been a huge help in my learning process. This background in electronics has proven invaluable to my robotics and U-Processor projects.

This blog is for sharing my projects related to Legos and electronics.


3 Responses to About

  1. SavedCoder says:

    I like this blog! One quick question, what program do you use to create the schematics?

  2. Mat says:

    What a wonderful blog. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Particularly interesting with the NXT + Arduino combo!

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