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NXT Measuring wheel

Here is a measuring wheel I made using the NXT and a mindsensors GlideWheel-AS. The NXT displays traveled distance in mm, cm, M, in, ft, or yd, and will automatically show the proper number of significant figures. The only thing … Continue reading

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NXTChuck pong game

Here is a pong game I made for the NXT. It uses the NXTChuck to read a Wii Nunchuk, and uses the values as the user input to the game. In the video I was using two NXTChucks and Nunchuks, … Continue reading

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Mindsensors LightSensorArray scanner

This is a scanner I made, using the new mindsensors LightSensorArray. The LSA (LightSensorArray) has 8 light sensors spaced about 6.5mm apart. I used a sideways moving scan head, so that I essentially double the scan width resolution (take a … Continue reading

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Mindsensors Light Sensor Array

Mindsensors is working on a new NXT sensor, called a Light Sensor Array. It’s similar in form factor to the LineLeader that they have sold previously, but it doesn’t have a PID algorithm built in. Instead, it just gives you … Continue reading

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Arduino Power Functions remote for NXT

Here is a project I did for making an Arduino a Power Functions remote for the NXT. I took advantage of my NXTI2C library, as well as my PFIR library (more info, and download links for both here). I setup … Continue reading

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DIWIFI Weather with ROBOTC

During DIWIFI week 2 presented by Dexter Industries, one of the projects was a ROBOTC program that would use the DIWIFI to read the current weather, provided by Google. The program worked fine, but I made some modifications to improve … Continue reading

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dIMU NXT Segway program

By request, today I finally got around to cleaning up the program for the dIMU Segway. It is based on the HTWay by HiTechnic, but I significantly modified it to work with the dIMU instead of the HiTechnic Gyro, and … Continue reading

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